Friday, 19 September 2014


Recently a bicyclethon was held at Batu Lintang Teacher's College. The club as asked to assist with radio communications at various check points throughout the route.

Control Centre


Supercar Club Sarawak Anniversary

In conjunction with the anniversary of Supercar Club Sarawak, a drive up to Borneo Highlands was organised on 7th September, 2014. The Management of Borneo Heights Resort enlisted the assistance of ARCS in providing radio telecommunications support for the event.

Pesta Tasik Biru

The club was invited to set up a booth at Pesta Tasik Biru on 24th August, 2014.

Setting up in progress

President (9W8CH) at work observed by 9W8LIZ (left) and 9M8MA (right)

(L to R) 9W8STK, 9W8JJJ & 9W8HKL manning the booth

ARCS members in group photograph

Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge Community

 ARCS was invited to assist the Management of Borneo Highlands Resort in providing telecommunication support for the Borneo Highlands Padawan Nature Challenge Community on 22nd June 2014.

Setting up a temporary repeater for the event. 9M8ADX, 9W8HKL, 9W8JIP & 9M8MA (L TO R)

Home for the night...

9M8WAT testing the apparatus set-up

(L to R) 9M8MA, 9W8JIP, 9W8JJJ, 9M8ADX, 9W8HKL & 9M8WAT (squatting)

Antenna installed

All set to go

Operations Centre receiving reports
9W8JJJ & 9M8WAT all ready to go!


9W8JJJ feeling hot...

tHe Spring Run 2014

For tHe Spring Run 2014, we assisted St. John Ambulance in providing telecommunications to their personnel station throughout the route of the run.
9W8DEN with a St. John Ambulance member


ARCS members on the far right of this group photograph taken after the event. 9W8MAS, 9W8VAV, 9W8DEN, 9W8GPS, 9W8HKL, 9W8KIF were amongst our members who participated.

Participation at Exhibition

Recently, ARCS participated in an exhibition on 24 May, 2104. A stall was set up to promote the hobby of amateur radio as well as to sell accessories.

Our members manning the booth

(L to R) 9W8MED, 9W8DEN & 9W8HKL in conversation
President (9W8CH) and Advisor (9M8MA) also taking part in the exhibition

(L to R) 9W8EA, 9W8MED, 9W8CH, 9W8DEN, 9M8MA, 9W8VAV

Group Photograph of all who attended