Monday, 29 July 2019


Event: Satang Besar Island Dxpedition 2019 by ARCS
Date: 27th -28th July 2019
Station Involve:
1. 9M8DEN (Station Master)
 2. 9M8ADX (Techinical Director)
3. 9W8ZZK (Lead Dxers)                           
4. 9W8CH (Dxers)
5. 9W8MAD (Dxers)                           
6. 9W8GEO (Dxers)                           
7. 9W8VYY (Dxers)                           
8. Tan Yee Wen (SWL)- helper                           
9. 9M8WAT -helper                           

This year is the fifth year ARCS doing the dx-pedition to Satang Besar Island (OC-165) since 2011. For this time the propagation is up and down. The window only slightly open for 40m band. For 12hrs operation we manage to get 27 station and mostly in 40m band. The weather is fine from early 27th till midnight and follow with heavy downpour.
Our setup for the station is hex beam (10m,15m and 20m) and end feed antenna (10m-80m).
The rig, we're using Icom- 7300 and Icom - 718.